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A minibot is like a big robot with arms and legs that can do lots of cool things! It's made of strong plastic to withstand rough play and can move around on its own. minibots come in many different shapes and sizes, and they can do all kinds of jobs like building, exploring, or fighting bad guys.

Minibot Kit

SKU: PB001
₹2,855.84 Regular Price
₹2,199.00Sale Price
    • Includes Mech Bot, Pilot, Battlebot Slime and reusable  station packaging!
    • Each Ready2Robot Mech Bot is fun to unbox and build!
    • Build, combine, battle and slime, as seen in the hit animated series!
    • Collect all of the Mech Bots to swap their plate, strips, motor and battery accessories and create 100's of new combinations!
    • Combination like Motor Car, Cleaning Robot, Wind Turbine etc.
    • Used reusable plastic.
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