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Humanoid Robot

NextUp Robotics is at the forefront of developing cutting-edge robotic technology. With a team of highly skilled engineers and designers, they are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the field of robotics. Their robots are designed to perform a wide range of tasks with incredible accuracy and precision. From manufacturing to healthcare, their robots are being deployed in a variety of industries to help automate and streamline processes. One of the key strengths of NextUp Robotics is its focus on innovation and collaboration. By working closely with their clients, they are able to develop custom solutions that meet their specific needs and requirements. With their commitment to excellence and passion for robotics, NextUp Robotics is poised to make a significant impact in the world of automation.

The objective of a humanoid robot is for supporting the hand in industries, the military, and agriculture.

It is based on hydraulics and is manually operated by humans as well as programmed. The working fluid can operate at a temperature zone (-450C to 600C).and also can work in the radiation zone. The robot does not involve gears for any motion. Our robot was designed to perform basic abilities, such as weight lifting, walking and turning, etc.


The objective of the invention is achieved by appropriate designing in Solid-works software and simulation of prototype including all load testing and real-time walk analysis.

The concept of a humanoid robot is based on the hydraulic system which consists of hydraulic pumps and motors. The function of the motor is to produce enough power for the hydraulic pump. In a hydraulic pump, the hydraulic liquid moves up and down which helps the movement of robot parts. The hydraulic humanoid robot will be controlled by a remote.

The humanoid robot has driven by the combined mechanism of a power screw mechanism and Pascal's law. Electrical power has been converted into hydraulic power with the help of a power screw mechanism. this hydraulic power has been employed in a significant drift of the hand and legs of the robot.

All pumps are manufactured on a Lath machine and Raw material has been purchased by the market.

All parts of robot-like hands, legs, and chest are manufactured in a mechanical workshop. the machine that is used for manufacturing is a lathe, drilling, grinding, arc welding, and milling machine.

We provide DC power to the motors, the motor shaft is connected to a lead screw, this lead screw is tightened with the nut which is connected to the pump shaft the whole mechanism is known as a power screw mechanism or lead screw mechanism which amplifies the force by nine times.


The hydraulic-based humanoid robot setup comprises a drive system and a power screw plays a vital role in producing the power into the hydraulic pump. the main cause is lift and down the particular task. By the power screw, we increase the motor power up to 4.5 times. The driven pump gets how much force from the driving pump and how much load we can handle .it can be solved in the calculation section, of the hands and feet system some important calculations are shown in the results section. Electrical energy is directly supplied to the gear motor. The power screw connects with the upper and lower parts of the body it plays the key role to transfer the linear motion to piston rod movement into the driving pump. fluid displacement transfer by piston movement in driving pump to driven pump to maintain motion of robot moving parts. The analysis of kinematics calculation of hands and feet can transform the position up to a maximum in space. also, examine how far the object can lift the hand and how much distance travel it will take.

Angle and Axis.png

Cleaning Robot

NextUp Robotics has developed an innovative cleaning robot that is revolutionizing the cleaning industry. Their cleaning robot is designed to navigate complex environments, such as offices, hospitals, and schools, to provide a deep and thorough cleaning. Equipped with advanced sensors and mapping technology, the robot can efficiently clean a large area without any human intervention. The cleaning robot is also equipped with a variety of tools, including brushes and suction mechanisms, to effectively clean floors, carpets, and other surfaces. What sets NextUp Robotics' cleaning robot apart is its versatility and adaptability.

The robot can be customized to meet the specific cleaning needs of a facility, and its software can be updated to accommodate changes in the layout or cleaning requirements. This cutting-edge technology not only improves the efficiency and effectiveness of cleaning but also reduces labor costs and increases safety by reducing the need for human cleaners to work in potentially hazardous environments. With their cleaning robot, NextUp Robotics is leading the charge in creating a more automated and streamlined cleaning industry.

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